The Front Porch Restaurant and Pie shop was born in Dunnellon, Florida in 1986 by Stan and Mary Scally along with their eight children ( six daughters, and two sons). The original building on US 41 in South Dunnellon was purchased by Stan and Mary, and for the next two years it was slowly converted as time and money would allow into the dream of a restaurant.
   "Looking back" said Mary "It's a good thing we didn't know what a full fledged restaurant was all about, or we probably wouldn't have even attempted it. I can remember opening up, cooking what we thought would be
enough for the day and be so busy we would run out of food by 6:00 PM with a line waiting to get in".
    Stan (Dad) and Mary (Mom) did most of the cooking with the children doing everything from cooking, waiting tables, washing dishes or any thing else that might come up. The family realized they had a "Tiger by the tail". They were soon adding on, purchasing commercial equipment, hiring additional help, and learning some of the tricks of the trade to make it more manageable. Our customers were so very special to put up with our growing pains, And still return again and again. They were all so eager to make it a success! I will never forget one night we were slammed and couldn't keep up. One of our special customers had come in for dinner and ended up in the kitchen doing dishes in her high heels. I'll never forget that! They gave us so much encouragement. I don't believe we could have done it without them.
    Our whole family loves this beautiful community and all the really nice people who choose to settle here. We have been through some wonderful times in the past 25 years and we have been through some really tough emotional times. Always, this community, has stood by our family with their prayers and support. Some of our children and grandchildren continue to work with us and we have seen continued growth in our business.
    Kathy, and Debbie manage the restaurant, but all six of our daughters, and one of our two sons has worked at the restaurant in one capacity or another over the 25 years. We are very proud of all of our children.
   Almost always one of the family members is at the restaurant to make sure the customers needs are met, and you are treated right!

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